What is Givesupport.to/
the perfect store

The perfect store

givesupport.to/ is the platform of choice if you want to support your favorite YouTube celebirty and/or Twitch streamer! Instead of making a donation, you can get something out of the deal as well! No matter what game you buy, a portion of your money will go to the owner of your favorite channel.

On top of supporting your favorite content creator, you will also support some of the best indie-developers, allowing them to continue to create more of the awesome pieces of interactive art we call video games!

The best games

All content that is offered on givesupport.to/ is curated based on their overall quality. The contents of each of the stores on the platform has been hand-picked by the owner of your favorite YouTube or Twitch channel. You are always purchasing a game that they recommend playing!

We want to offer YouTubers and Twitchers a trustworthy partner that facilitates them in getting more support to continue their content creation (or any other goal). This is why we give content creators full control over what games are offered, and how they represent their channel on our platform.
the best games
better together

Better together

For the game developers, givesupport.to/ is not just another place to sell their game. It is a powerful tool that allows them to collaborate with content creators! givesupport.to/ allows their games to reach a bigger audience and grow their community.

Most people have read about how difficult it is for Indie developers to be successful in marketing and selling their games to customers. givesupport.to/ was created because we wanted to enable content creators and game creators to get in touch, profit from each others efforts, and get successful together!