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We pride ourselves in the fact that we don't store any personal details of you!

We don't believe in asking you for your address, phone number and last name. We want you to be able to quickly purchase games, without any hassle! That is why we don't have user registration and everything is handled with PayPal.
You just want to purchase a game, that is great too! Just go to the main page of, which always randomly displays various stores! You can select one from there, directly support a content creator in continuing his/her work and enjoy your newest game!
You can redeem your purchases on Steam. You can find more information on how to redeem these keys on the official support website of Steam, which can be found here.
We highly recommend that you activate your keys within 60 days after the initial purchase. The reason for this is that it might be difficult to replace game-keys after these 60 days. Please note that your purchased keys never expire and can be activated at any time.
It might take up a couple of minutes, but in most cases the key is delivered to the e-mail you filled out. You can also select the option to directly send the game-key to your PayPal-address.

If you didn't receive the game-key when you open your email inbox, make sure to check out your spam-folder!

A few reasons why you might not have received your game-key could be:

  • There has been a delay with the payment processor. Please check the status of PayPal.
  • The payment may have failed to reach
  • The email address used to make the purchase was typed incorrectly. This can only happen if you used the option to send it to another e-mail that is not your PayPal address.
  • The email provider is bouncing our emails. Please check the status of your e-mail provider.
Digital rights management (DRM) is a term referring to various access control technologies that are used to restrict the usage of proprietary software, hardware, or content. A game either has DRM or it hasn't, which is indicated on the store page of the game.

indicates that the game doesn't use DRM.

indicates that the game uses DRM.
Even though the game-keys are completely digital, the product-keys still need to be provided by the developers and/or publisher of the game. All our game-keys are obtained from official sources.

When a game is not available in the store it is labeled with an 'out of stock' message and the image is greyed out. You are also no longer able to purchase the game, until new product-keys have been added.
Awesome! That is possible! Make sure to check out the registration form for content creators! We will get back to you as soon as possible!
You can submit a registration form to sell your game on our platform. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
We aim to deal with all your questions within one working day of receipt. Our support desk is manned from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 8:00AM to 18:00PM (GMT+1). We are based in the Netherlands, so we respond these office hours.

Check out what time it is in our country by clicking here.
Yes! Besides contacting us with your e-mail you can also get in touch with us via our social media channels. Here is a list of the official channels that we use:

Since we have our mobile devices connected to our social media channels we are also sometimes able to respond when the office is closed or during the weekends.
At we only offer game-keys that are obtained via official and legitimate sources, which means we have a lot of contact with developers and publishers from all over the world. When we notice that a game-key is low on stock we try to replenish the stock in advance, but sometimes games can be sold out pretty quickly.

Rest assured, we work tirelessly to make sure that new game-keys get added as soon as possible!
We curate every game before it becomes available in our stores, which means we are not able to offer all the games that are available in the world. Besides that, the content creator (the YouTuber and/or Twitch streamer) decides what games he/she wants to offer in the store! If you can't find the game at any of the other stores it probably isn't available (yet) in our stores.

Make sure to send us an e-mail, a Tweet or a message on Facebook with your suggestion. We will do our best!
Not yet, we are currently focused on PC, Mac & Linux games.
There is not a "gift" option, but if you know the email of the person you want to give the game to, you can enter that email during the check-out process. By doing so, the person in question will receive the receipt and the code for the game as well!

You could also just give him/her the key directly once you have received the email with the game-key.
Currently we only offer PayPal as our payment provider. We expect to add more options over time!
On the store page of all the games you are able to see the developer / publisher of the game. We recommend you contact them directly if you have questions regarding the system requirements, game related issues and suggestions for the game. We are unable to help you, since we are not the ones that are developing the game.
We try to get as many awesome indie-titles and other games available in our store. We have direct contact with publishers and developers and work hard to get all their awesome titles available in the stores.
You can read this article on the support site of Electronic Arts that explains how to redeem an Origin game key.
You can read this article on the support site of uPlay that explains how to redeem an uPlay game key.

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